love letter for katelan (in honor of her birthday)

you are the ghost that whispers in my ear
words as old as the soil
sharpened by the tongues of poets
and the rusted works 
of lunatic asylums

only they understood 
the power of virus
to ensnare our hearts
thrilling cock and cunt alike
moving in rhythm
with Mingus
and ancient trees
and butterfly wings
bending in a breeze
as hot as your breath
on a cheek that burns
for every word

you are the ghost that paints pictures on my skin
drawn in glitter and
sequins and menstrual blood
in tangled sheets
soiled with longing

and if I dare to dream
as the dead poets did
I can feel the earth 
beneath our bare feet
ashes and bits of bone
and seashell
that carry mystery
as timeless
and beautiful
as your eyes
and the words you whisper in my ear
and the pictures you paint on my skin

© gibson grand

To celebrate her birthday, Katelan Foisy suggested we all write
a love letter.  I wrote this one for her.  Happy Birthday, Katelan.

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